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I'm Paul Helm, the 'creator' and webmaster of 52composers.com I live in Wimbledon, London, UK.
I am now 'retired' but am now busier than ever with my art, printmaking and this website. One of the advantages of these activities is that I can listen to music all day.

I trained as a teacher many years ago but when I moved to Italy in 1964 I had to find something else to do as they did not recognise my Manchester University qualifications in those days - so I got a job with a big printer/publisher in Verona.

Verona is the city of Romeo and Juliet and in fact I found my Juliet, got married and had a happy and busy time there.

It was while living in Italy that I really got interested in art and music. Part of my job involved producing beautiful art books and one of my reponsibilities was entertaining visiting clients which included taking them to the opera in Verona's renowned Arena.

We moved to London in 1970 but maintain our links with Italy by still having an apartment in Verona which we visit regularly can rent out when we are not there. It is very propular during the annual opera season in July and August. You can see it at our website www.veronadirect.com

Art, printmaking and portraits
My day job was very much involved with commercial printing but I am also very much interested in traditional fine art printmaking - etching, woodcuts, linocuts and collagraphs. Every Thursday I go to Morley College to use their well equipped print studios.

I needed some portraits of Verdi, Puccini, Bizet and Rossini for the opera page on my Verona website so I decided to produce my own. These proved to be very popular so I did a few more and they became a series which I am still working on.

The website
I added the portraits to my art website www.paulhelm.com
However while researching for the portraits I discovered the wealth of information about the composers available on the internet. Hence came the idea of building an entertaining, easy to read, informative website which would serve as an introduction to the famous classical composers.

I am constantly adding material to the site and I welcome any suggestions, corrections and constructive criticism. Soon I will be inviting you to submit content also - reviews, art, articles, videos etc. This should add considerable interest to the site. So keep watching for further news.

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