Antonin DVORAK
8 September 1841 - 1 May 1904 (age 62) 

Antonin Dvorak, the best known Czech composer, is best known for his "From the New World Symphony" which was commissioned by the New York Philharmonic during his 3 year stay in America.






Portrait of Dvorak


Born: 8 September 1841, near Prague (then Austrian, now Czech Republic)
Father: František Dvořák, butcher, innkeeper and zither player
Mother: Anna Zdeňková
Siblings: eldest of 14 children (only 8 survived infancy)
Religion: Catholic
Wife: Anna Čermáková
Children: 9. Three died in infancy. (see photos here)
Death: 1 May 1904, Prague, kidney disease and influenza
Grave:  Vyšehrad cemetary , Prague, Czechoslovakia.


- 9 Symphonies - best known: New World Symphony
- 5 Symphonic poems
- 1 Piano concerto
- 1 Violin concerto
- 1 Cello concerto
- 10 Operas
- Oratorial works - Requiem, Stabat Mater, Te Deum, Mass in Dmajor
- Lots of chamber music
- 16 Slavonic Dances
- 8 Humoresques
- various

A short bio/timeline

- Age 5: Started primary school. His teacher taught him the violin.
- Age 13: Sent to Zlonice to live with his uncle to learn German. He also took piano, organ, violin and music theory lessons.
- Age 16 - 18: Studied at the Prague Organ School.
- Age 24: Wrote his first symphony
- Age 33-36: Organist in the Church of St. Adalbert, Prague.
- Age 42: Married Anna Čermáková one of his piano students.
- Age 43: First of nine visits to England.
- Age 46: Brahms recommends his work to a major publisher.
- Age 49: Awarded Honorary Doctorate of Cambridge University.
- Age 50: Appointed Professor of Composition a Prague University.
- Age 51 - 54:  Went to New York City as Director of the National Conseratory of Music. While there he was commissioned by the New York Philharmonic to write his 9th Symphony "From the New World".
- Age 54: Returns to Prague and resumes his professorship at the university.
- Age 55: Last vist to London for the premiere of his Cello Concert in B minor.
- Age 60: Became a membe of the House of Lords of the Austro-Hungarian parliament.
- Age 62: Died of a stroke, leaving many unfinished works.

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- "Mozart is sweet sunshine."

- "I have composed too much." (Dvorak to Sibelius)

- "You do write a bit hastily." (Brahms to Dvorak)

- "In the negro melodies of America I discover all that is needed for a great and noble school of music. They are pathetic, tender, passionate, melancholy, solemn, religious, bold, merry, gay or what you will. It is music that suits itself to any mood or any purpose. There is nothing in the whole age of composition that cannot be supplied with themes from this source." (wikiquote)


9th Symphony "From The New World"
Karajan · Vienna Philarmonic. (complete - 44min)

Cello Concerto : Rostropovich Part 1
 The Great Rostropovich Playing the Dvorak Cello Concerto with Carlo Maria Giulini and the London Philharmonic Orchestra

Humoresque in G flat

Slavonic Dance, Op. 46/8 / Rattle · Berliner Philharmoniker

Carnival Overture - Op. 92 Sydney Youth Orchestra

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Antonin Dvorak http://antonin-dvorak.cz/en/introduction



The Dvorak Society
The Dvorak Society

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