Manuel de FALLA
23 November 1876 - 14 November 1946 (age 69)

Manuel de Falla, with his contemporaries Albeniz, Granados and Rodrigo, is one of Spain's most important composers of the 20th century. 





Portrait of Manuel de Falla


Born: Manuel María de los Dolores Falla y Matheu
23 November 1876, Cadiz, Spain
Father: José María Falla y Franco 1849-1919
Mother: María Jesús Matheu y Zabala 1850-1919
Siblings: Sister: María del Carmen de Falla
Partner: Never married
Children: None
Died: 14 November 1946, Alta Gracia, Córdoba, Argentina
Cause of death: Cardiac arrest
Grave: Cadiz cathedral, Spain. see findagrave


Style: Nationalist/impressionist to 1920 then neoclassical

- La vida breve (opera)
- The Three-Cornered Hat (ballet)
- Atlàntida (cantata)
- Nana
- Fantasia Baetica (piano)
- Psyche (cantata)
- Harpsichord Concerto
- Ritual Fire Danse
- Siete canciones populares españolas
(voice) - also a piano and violin version.
- Nights In The Gardens of Spain (piano concerto)
- El amor brujo (Love the Magician) (ballet-pantomime)

The Manuel de Falla Google Doodle

for his 134th birthday on 23 November 2010

Nights in the Gardens of Spain
Noches en los jardines de España - Parte 1

de Falla Quotes

- "The [guitar is the] instrument most complete and richest in its harmonic and polyphonic possibilities."

- " The harmonious efforts which our guitarists produce unconsciously represent one of the marvels of natural art."

"By conviction and character, I am against the art we could come to call selfish. We have to work for others; simply, without vain or arrogant intentions." 

Life and career

- Age 9: first piano lessons from his mother and grandfather
- Age 13: studies counterpoint and harmony.
- Age 14: Interests in theatre, literature, painting. Creates magazine El Cascabel
- Age 20: studies piano and music in Madrid Conservatory. He studied composition with Felipe Pedrell for three years. Pedrell was a Spanish composer and musicologist who encouraged the revival of Spanish folk and national music. He was also a big influence on Albeniz and Granados.
- Age 31 - 38: Lived in Paris where he associated with Albeniz, Dukas, Debussy, Ravel, Stravinsky.
- Age 38 (1914): Returned to Spain on the outbreak of the First World War.
- Age 40: Diaghilev commissioned him to write a ballet for the Ballets Russes. The result was 'The Three-Cornered Hat' which was produced in London in 1919 with designs by Picasso and choreography by Massine.
- Age 43: His parents died and he moved to Granada where he lived until the end of the Civil War in 1939.
- Age 64: Moved to Argentina as a reaction against the Franco regime.
- Age 69: Died in Argentina,

Manuel de Falla in Art      

La vida breve. Danza Española nº 1.

El Amor Brujo - Danza Ritual del Fuego &
Canción del Fuego Fatuo

The Three-Cornered Hat
El Sombrero de Tres Picos

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