27 July 1867 - 24 March 1916 (age 48)

Enrique Granados pianist and teacher was also one of Spain's most important composers.
Sometimes called 'the poet of the piano' or 'the Chopin of Spain' because his music is so full of passion and vituosity.





Portrait of Enrique Granados


Born: Pantaléon Enrique Granados y Campiña on 27 July 1867, at Lérida, Catalonia, Spain.
Father: Calixto Granados, Cuban army oficer
Mother: Enriqueta Campiña
Siblings: an elder brother and a sister
Wife: Amparo Gal
Children: six: Eduard (musician), Solita, Enric (swimming champion), Víctor, Natàlia, Francesc
Died: 24 March 1916, English Channel
Cause of death: drowned following ferry accident
Grave: body never recovered


- Goyescas (piano suite and later an opera)
- El Pelele
- Andaluza
- Escenas Romanticas
- Valsas Poeticos
- Danzas españolas
- Tonadillas
- Bocetos
- Danza Lenta.
- Follet (opera)
- Liliana (opera)
- Maria del Carmen (opera)

Most of his works were composed for the piano. Many of them have been transcribed for the guitar and it is the guitar versions which are most commonly heard on the radio.

Granados Google Doodle

Goyescas - Fandango 

Goyescas, originally a suite of piano pieces, is his best known work. It was inspired by paintings by Goya of Madrid folk life. Later he was persuaded to turn it into an opera.

Life and career

- Early years in Tenerife where his father was military governor at Santa Cruz.
- Age 7: Family returned to Barcelona following his father's injury falling off his horse. Enrique's interest in music was noticed and lessons organised. He was taught by some of the top music teachers including Felipe Pedrell who also taught Albinez.
- Attended the Pujol Academy, ran by the best music teacher in Barcelona.
- Age 15: Gave his first public concert.
- Age 16 Composed his 12 Spanish Dances
- After the death of his father he gave lessons and played in elegant cafes to help support his mother and siblings.
- Age 20 - 22: Went to study in Paris to study at the Conservatory. He led a bohemian life mixing with musicians and painters. Here he developed his taste for art and in particular for the work of Goya. Friends included Ravel, Debussy, Dukas and especially Camille Saint-Saens.
- Age 26: Married Amparo. They produced 6 children in the next 8 years.
- Age 32: Founded the Society of Classical Concerts.
- Age 34: Founded the Granados Academy of Music which he ran until his death when his son Eduard ran it for 3 years until he too died. It was then run by one of his ex-pupils Frank Marshall and is still goiing today,known as the Marshall Academy and run according to the principles of Granados.
- Age 44: Premiered his piano suite Goyescas inspired by the paintings of Goya. It became his best known work and he was persuaded to make it into an opera.
- Age 46: Outbreak of the First World War. This caused the cancellation of the premiere of Goyesca, the opera, in Paris
- Age 48: The opera version of Goyescas was premiered at the Metropolitan, New York.
- He and his wife were drowned returning from New York when their boat was torpedoed by a German submarine (see below).


- Cross of the Legion of Honor (France)
- Palms of the Academy (France)
- Plaque of the Comendador of the Civil Order of Alfonso XII (Spain)
- Cross of the Knights of the Order of Carlos III (Spain)
- Silver medallion of arts and letters of The Hispanic Society of America

Andaluza - Danzas Españolas Op 37

"Baile Español # 7" - Alicia de Larrocha

Danza Española n 2 Oriental

A Tragic Early Death

In 1916 he went to New York for the premiere of his opera Goyescas at the Met. His return was delayed because President Woodrow Wilson asked him to do a recital at the White House.
He had to change his return sailing to one via England.
They took a cross-channel ferry, the SS Sussex from Folkestone to Dieppe. This was torpedoed by a German submarine (it was during World War 1).
Granados managed to get into a life raft but dived into the sea to save his wife. Both drowned and their bodies were never recovered.

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